5catty10How much is a kilogram of rice bag? Is the rice plastic bag rice color printing vacuum bag expensive?

January 9, 2023

Feynman yltpacking.com

5catty10 How much is a kilogram of rice bag? It depends on what type of rice packaging bags you need to purchase. 5catties10 There are many types of rice bags packed in paper-plastic composite bags, plastic bags, vacuum bags, and woven bags. Woven bags are relatively cheap. Vacuum bags include transparent rice brick bags, and custom pattern printing is also available. Paper-plastic composite bags and plastic packaging bags can choose materials, customized specifications, and thickness, and provide one-stop design, printing, and processing service. There are various types of rice bags and support customization from the perspective of rice merchants, the price of rice bags is not importantly, as long as you find the source factory for packaging, you don’t need to worry about the price. The bags made are of good quality, beautifully printed, in line with product positioning, and the fundamental purpose is to attract consumers better.


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