Analysis of “Packaging Bags” Display of Food Packaging Bags”sugar free”Does it have to be sugar free?

December 7, 2022


Analysis of “Packaging Bags” Does food packaging bags show “sugar-free” must be sugar-free? 1. Advantages of sugar-free foods The main advantages of sugar-free foods are low calorie and slow blood sugar rise, which is very beneficial for weight loss people and diabetic patients. Nowadays, people advocate low-calorie life as a healthy life concept. Therefore, sugar-free foods are also very popular. 2. Sugar-free food is not really sugar-free. The sugar-free food we usually buy is not sugar-free, but a small amount, or very little. As long as aspartame, cyclamate, dextrin, maltose, starch syrup, and corn syrup are included in the nutrition label of the food bag, these ingredients will be absorbed by the body and finally converted into glucose. Therefore, when buying sugar-free foods, you should pay attention to the nutritional content list and try to choose oligosaccharides and sugar alcohols. 3. Three. Requirements for sugar-free food printed on pre-packaged food bags Not all food packages can be printed with sugar-free labels, and some conditions need to be met. According to relevant laws and regulations, the claim of sugar-free and sugar-free needs to meet the following conditions: the sugar content per 100 grams of solid food or per 100 ml of liquid food does not exceed 0.5 grams, and sugar here refers to monosaccharides or disaccharides. When a product qualifies as sugar-free, we can place sugar-free or sugar-free anywhere on the label. At the same time, the sugar content must be indicated in the nutrition facts table. If the carb content is 0, the sugar content may not be labeled. What is described above is “Analysis of “Package Bags” “‘s entire content.

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