Analysis of “Packaging Bags” How to Check Whether the Vacuum Packaging Bags Meet the Standards

December 9, 2022


Vacuum packaging bag is the most common type of packaging bag in the food industry. Due to its barrier to the outside air, vacuum packaging bag occupies a dominant position in the market. However, as the market pays more and more attention to the quality of plastic packaging bags, packaging bag manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the sealing and even cooking of plastic vacuum bags, which involves the quality inspection methods of vacuum packaging bags. Here we mainly explain how to determine the pass rate of vacuum packaging bags, you can refer to the customer base! The specific summary is as follows:

vacuum packaging bags

1. Check the appearance of the vacuum bag. The most intuitive way to check is whether there are obvious scratches on the plastic packaging bag; whether there are pinholes; whether there is printing pollution; whether the seal is firmly bonded, etc.

2. Check the sealing strength. The sealing of the vacuum bag is the key to its qualification! This is also the key to the quality of the vacuum bag. To check the strength of the seal is to check the contents of the plastic bag, or squeeze the sliding seal with a ruler to see if there is a crack in the seal.

3. Check the plastic bag for cracks and pinholes. Penetrant testing generally recommends customers to use the colored penetrating method for testing. The process is to add a colored bag surfactant to the vacuum bag, spread the bag on the filter paper, and observe whether the filter paper is contaminated by colored liquid after 5-10 minutes. If there is no contamination, the bag body will be turned over for inspection.

4. Check the durability of the vacuum bag. Durability testing is usually performed by the drop method, where the plastic bag is dropped to a certain height, depending on the size and weight of the bag.

5. Vacuum bag pressure test. It’s very simple, just use the weight extrusion method to test, put the plastic bag on the table, and then add weight extrusion, the product that remains unchanged for 3-10 minutes is a qualified product. The above is the whole content of “Analysis of “Packaging Bags” How to Check Whether Vacuum Packaging Bags Meet the Standards”.

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