Analysis of “Packaging Bags” What are the information printed on food packaging bags that need to be paid attention to?

December 19, 2022


The information printed on food packaging bags strictly enforces the food safety law. As long as you buy food in regular stores, the information on the packaging bags has great reference value. Through the pre-sale packaging information, we can see the nutritional content list, gram weight, manufacturer’s SC standard implementation standards, etc. In order to accurately grasp the information on food packaging bags, we can have a better user experience. For example, dieters can judge whether it is a polysaccharide high-calorie food according to the nutrition label on the packaging bag, so as to choose the right product. That is to say, they have achieved the goal of losing weight and enjoying delicious food. The food packaging bags commonly used in life bring convenience to our life, but at the same time there are some information that must be paid attention to. The information on food packaging bags is the most effective way to accurately convey product information. This is to truly convey the product image and to allow consumers to choose food more clearly and confidently. 1. The most important information on the food packaging bag is the production date and shelf life. Everyone should pay attention to food and food before buying food. Food is expired or expired. Resolutely refuse to eat expired food, which is more harmful to the body. The quality of pre-packaged food should be maintained under the storage conditions stated on the label, during which time the product is fully applicable, and when sold, please keep the label without explaining or explaining its unique qualities. 2. Nutrition labels can intuitively understand the energy, carbohydrates and protein of food. Quality, fat, sodium and other nutrients, and choose two kinds of delicious food that are suitable according to your physical condition. 3. List of ingredients, that is, any substance used in food manufacturing or processing, and the substances present in the product (including modified forms), including food additives, after understanding the list of ingredients, understand the ingredients and taste of the food, and whether it is suitable for you. 4. Notes and information on how to use and the manufacturer. Precautions generally point out the allergens contained in the food and the applicable population, as well as precautions during consumption and storage. It is also necessary to contact the manufacturer if there is any problem with the food. In fact, brands and manufacturers are also very important in the daily process of buying food. After all, the choice of imported food should be cautious. What is described above is “Analysis of “Packaging Bags”. What should be paid attention to in the information printed on food packaging bags? “The entire content of “./ Shenzhen yltpacking Plastic Products Co., Ltd., as a professional packaging bag with 19 years of experience in flexible packaging production Plate printing equipment can undertake the design of packaging bags in various industries and fields, and solve the problem of product marketing differentiation for your enterprise!

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