Analysis of “Plastic Packaging Bags” Plastic Handbags

December 20, 2022


The development of “plastic packaging bags” plastic handbags from transportation tools to information media in China is relatively late. However, plastic tote bags have been made in China since ancient times: whenever we celebrate the Lunar New Year, we ancient people would use various kinds of cloth to tie the four corners into knots, and then pack a wealth of Chinese New Year goods to congratulate relatives and friends . There are also bags containing changed clothes and utensils for visiting distant relatives. Even in today’s society, we can still see many traditional plastic handbags full of rustic flavor. When housewives knit sweaters, they use cloth bags to hold thread balls, or woven bags to hold personal belongings after get off work. It is a typical plastic bag design form. In the final analysis, plastic tote bags appeared in large quantities in the era of supermarkets. Around 1930, with the rapid economic growth, the lifestyle of ordinary people in the world has undergone obvious changes, from the era of ignorance to the era of mass production, and then to the era of large-scale commodity storage, followed by economic crisis. With the change of procurement methods, supermarkets first appeared in the United States. In this way of selling, people are free to choose the products they like. However, after purchasing many commodities, facing a pile of small and trivial commodities, how to take them home has become a difficult problem for consumers. However, this is where the use of plastic tote bags began to prosper. Around the 1990s, a supermarket circulation model appeared in our country. Due to the emergence of new circulation models, plastic handbags have developed in our country. Today, the development of the commodity economy is becoming more and more mature. A high-quality commodity is not only the embodiment of the market value, but also the extension of the cultural connotation of the commodity. Therefore, the plastic tote bag is not only used as a single means of transportation to convey some simple information. The printing of plastic handbags reflects the company’s emphasis on commodities and shows the company’s culture. Plastic handbags are practical, reflect the development trend of commodities, and have advertising effects. The above is all about the “plastic bag”. Hope to be of some help to you,

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