Analysis of the difference between the printing of plastic packaging bags and paper bags

December 2, 2022


Many people misunderstand that plastic bag printing is the same as paper bag printing. Although the production process is similar, the plastic bag printing is actually different. However, plastic bags have one thing in common, that is, plastic bags also serve consumers in the market. As users of plastic packaging bags, we should also understand the differences and advantages of plastic bag printing and paper bag printing. First of all, it is necessary to explain the process of plastic packaging bag printing. Polyethylene is the material required for plastic bag products, and it is used to print plastic bags according to the different equipment selected for plastic bag printing plate making. In the process of printing plastic bags, plastic bag printing ink must be used to color the lettering on the plastic bags and the information of the plastic bag manufacturer. The printing of paper bags is different from that of plastic bags. The biggest difference lies in the material of the plastic bag. It is divided into cylindrical plastic bags and flat plastic bags. Plastic bags are made of the same material and are basically the same on plastic bag printing machines. Plastic bags and paper bags need some combination machines and screen printing machines. The above is all about “the difference between the printing of plastic packaging bags and paper bags”.

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