Analysis of the text design of the product outer packaging bag

December 19, 2022


In the process of product packaging bag design, text is also an important part of the design. Product introductions and descriptions on product packaging bags belong to the category of text. If used properly, the product outer packaging bag will be more colorful. So, how should the text be designed?

outer packaging bag

1. The text should conform to the characteristics of the product. The text on the product packaging bag needs to use the most refined text to describe the most attractive advertising words, so that the pictures on the packaging can be used to display the most eye-catching effect. All the text on the packaging bag is based on the performance of the product. There are certain promotional factors in the text design of the product outer packaging bag, but all the text must be the sublimation of a thorough understanding of the basic performance of the product.

2. Text typesetting should focus on unity and individuality. The size and height of the text should adopt a unified standard. It is mainly used for explanatory texts such as product introductions to keep the format on the packaging neat and uniform. Personalization here refers to the name part of the product. The personalized format can make the overall packaging design more distinctive, while highlighting the main name of the product. The above is all about the “analysis of the text design of the product outer packaging bag“.

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