Because of this, the rice is packed in vacuum bags

December 23, 2022


Now, when we buy rice in the supermarket, we find that some of the higher grade rice will be packed in vacuum bags, so why use vacuum bags for rice? Maybe we don’t know what are the advantages of rice vacuum packaging bags. This is because vacuum bags can be vacuum-packed, which not only helps to maintain the quality of the rice, but also makes efficient use of space.First, rice vacuum packaging bags have high barrier properties. It is made of a combination of many materials, and utilizes the difference in the barrier properties of plastics to achieve a high barrier effect on odors such as water, oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide.Second, the safety and environmental protection of rice vacuum packaging bags:Oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature cooking resistance,120low temperature freezing, shelf life, shelf life and odor, and can be used in vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and air-filled packaging. The use of non-toxic and pollution-free vacuum packaging materials is very environmentally friendly and safe.Third, rice vacuum packaging bags:The comparative advantages of glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging, and other plastic packaging have the same impact on cost, because the process is simple, and the production cost of products and directors can be lower than composite films and other films.10-20.Fourth, rice vacuum packaging bags have multiple functions:It can pass two or more base membranes with nylon orPETMembrane bonding, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, good mechanical properties, anti-explosion and so on. And strong puncture and tear resistance, high temperature(120Celsius)and low temperature(50Celsius)non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national standards. It has many functions such as heat insulation, oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.In fact, more than that, it can also be used for preservation and cooking. Because of this, the rice is packed in vacuum bags.

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