Can bentonite cat litter bags be packed in plastic bags?

January 28, 2023


Cat litter should be classified and treated according to the material. For example, bentonite cat litter cannot be degraded, so it should be classified as dry garbage; pine cat litter can be poured directly into the toilet, but it must be thrown into the trash can as dry garbage; tofu cat litter belongs to wet garbage; crystal cat litter It belongs to dry garbage.Bentonite cat litter belongs to dry wasteThe main component of bentonite cat litter is bentonite, which is a kind of non-degradable sand and belongs to dry garbage. The dry state after mixing cat urine and feces is also dry garbage, so it should be put into the dry garbage recycling bin.Pine cat litter is dry wasteThe main components of pine cat litter are wood powder and some adhesives, which will dissolve when they encounter water, so cat feces can be poured directly into the toilet for flushing; Can be flushed down the toilet.Tofu cat litter should be poured into the toiletThe main component of tofu cat litter is tofu residue, which is soluble in water, so it can be directly poured into the toilet for flushing. However, don’t just pour the whole basin into the toilet at once, the tofu cat litter will not dissolve so fast, and pouring too much will clog the toilet. If it is outdoors or if you must throw the trash can, it should be filled with wet garbage.Crystal cat litter belongs to dry wasteCrystal cat litter, also known as silica gel cat litter, is mainly composed of silica gel, so the used crystal cat litter is also thrown into the dry trash can.Whether it is bentonite cat litter or pine cat litter, tofu cat litter, crystal cat litter, more and more plastic packaging bags, bentonite plastic packaging bags, tofu cat litter vacuum plastic bags, etc.

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