Can kraft paper composite bags be used for flour packaging bags? How about flour kraft paper bags?

January 12, 2023


Flour kraft paper composite packaging bag, the packaging bag of this material is mostly1kg,2.5KG,5KGMainly. Kraft paper plastic rice packaging bags, flour kraft paper composite packaging bags can be customized. Kraft paper-plastic composite bags are mostly made of kraft paper and plastic products during processing. It is usually processed by some polyethylene materials and polypropylene materials, while kraft paper is processed by some fine composite special kraft paper during processing. The two are bonded by molten plastic thermal lamination. The kraft paper coated cloth is formed into a bag, and then processed and sewn into a three-in-one paper-plastic bag for packaging and plastic sealing of items. Features: It has high strength and good waterproof performance, and the product is also very beautiful in appearance. Self-sealing strips can be added,The entire product packaging bag can stand upright, and the combination of kraft paper and plastic film makes the product packaging almost perfect!

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