Can tea packaging bags effectively preserve the aroma of tea?

December 4, 2022


Tea has its own characteristics. In fact, the dry products produced by various processes are easy to be affected by moisture and deteriorate after being exposed to water. Tea itself has a greater adsorption effect on water. Therefore, it must be done well on the tea packaging bag. How to effectively prevent tea leaves from getting damp and deteriorating is a key problem that production enterprises need to solve. When choosing tea packaging bags, we must not only ensure that the tea will not deteriorate during transportation and sales, but also consider the price of the packaging bags. Although the higher the packaging level can bring effective protection, if the packaging cost is higher, the cost of the tea itself will also increase, which will reduce the profit of the enterprise and affect the market competitiveness. So how to choose tea packaging bags? The most common are plastic bags. However, this packaging is often combined with foil bags. The packaging that comes into contact with the tea leaves is made of aluminum foil. After vacuum compression, the tea leaves will not be polluted. However, prettier plastic wrap is used on the outside of the packet. Supermarkets and shopping centers often achieve good results. This kind of packaging can be printed as an outer packaging material, highlighting the advantages of the product on the packaging bag, and helping the sales of tea products. Individual packaging in foil pouches is also common. The tea leaves are compressed into blocks by vacuum compression. This kind of packaging is very common. The middle and low-end products usually directly prevent the tea from being compressed a lot in the large aluminum foil bag, while the high-end products are usually compressed in the small bag first, which is quite reliable. All in all, in order to effectively preserve the fragrance of tea, you should choose the best tea packaging bag to hold it and prevent it from going bad. The above is all about “Can tea packaging bags effectively preserve the aroma of tea?” Hope to be of some help to you,

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