Common problems and solutions in the process of flour and flour products processing!

January 13, 2023


There are also a wide variety of pasta products made of flour. Due to different processing methods, many problems will be encountered in the process of using flour to make and process other pasta. The following editor will list some common flour and flour products. problems and solutions.Factors that affect the color of the faceGenerally speaking, flour made from hard wheat has a better luster than soft wheat. Due to geographical conditions and planting structure, from south to north, the whiteness of flour is getting higher and higher, which is mainly determined by the wheat variety. The north is hard wheat, and it gradually evolves into soft flour wheat in the south. Therefore, the flour in the south is naturally whiter than that in the north, the pink color of red wheat is lower than that of white wheat, and the color of hard wheat is lower than that of soft wheat. In addition, factors such as the particle size of the flour and the short moistening time will affect the color of the flour.Flour produces hayIn the production process of flour, due to improper wheat processing technology, the broken wheat germ is mixed into the flour, which makes the fatty acid content of the flour too high, which will cause the flour to become hazy; the moisture content of the flour is too high, and the high temperature and high humidity environment is easy to Make the flour ferment.Frequently asked questions about making steamed bunsSteamed pastries, such as buns and steamed buns, require fermented dough, often encounter problems such as the surface of the steamed buns collapsed, the flour is white, and the steamed buns are not white, the skin is dull, wrinkled or cracked. 1The surface of the steamed bread collapses:① There are faults during molding, so pay attention to discharge air bubbles during molding, so that the inside and outside of the dough form a uniform whole;②The proofing speed of the dough is too fast, which can reduce the fermentation temperature of the dough or the amount of yeast used;③If the steam is not strong, it can be steamed quickly; ④The yeast has insufficient stamina;⑤The quality of the flour is poor, and the gluten is not strong enough. All-purpose flour should be used. 2, The flour is white, and the steamed buns are not white:① Whiteness is a light reaction. Generally, the flour has a high moisture content, and the sensory whiteness is not as white as flour with a low moisture content.② Products made from flour with high damaged starch content are not as glossy as normal flour. That is to say, flour with high damaged starch content looks white, but the steamed buns made are not as white as normal flour.③The finer the flour, the whiter it looks, but the flour products made are not necessarily white. 3, Steamed buns wrinkled and cracked:① If the proofing speed is too fast, the fermentation temperature can be lowered;② Insufficient steam, use high heat to steam quickly;③Steamed buns are rough in shape, keep the dough smooth, and can be rolled with a noodle press3-4Second-rate;④ Low gluten content.Frequently asked questions about noodle processingThe noodles are not chewy: the main reason is that the wet gluten content in the flour is low and the quality is poor. Starch is also the main factor. If the temperature is too high or too low, the gelatinization of starch will not be good, resulting in weak noodles.Discoloration of dried noodles during drying: mainly due to the browning reaction of the flour itself. The worse the processing accuracy is, the more obvious this phenomenon is; it is more obvious in summer than in winter. When the moisture content changes, the pink color of the face will also change.Dried noodles are astringent: mainly due to starch problems, and also have a certain relationship with gluten. In addition, the amount of alkali added is too large, exceeding3%, it will also make dried noodles astringent.

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