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January 23, 2023

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What is octagonal seal?The eight-side seal can also be called an eight-side seal stand-up bag. Its bottom end is flat, and there are eight wrapping edges in total, so it is called an eight-side seal. There are four bindings at the bottom and two bindings on the upper and lower sides, making a total of eight bindings. The eight-sided seal has five display surfaces: one on each side, one on each side, one on each side, and one on the bottom. An eight-sided seal like this can carry more media information because it can better show the food inside and its brand.What is a stand-up bag?In fact, many people on the Internet define it like this: a bag that can stand on its own without relying on the support of external factors is called a stand-up bag. In fact, such a definition is easy to confuse the stand-up pouch with the eight-sided seal. If there is a fold back at the bottom and two hemmings, there is usually a hemming on the upper and lower sides. After the bottom is unfolded, the bag can be packaged independently, which is called a stand-up bag.What is the difference between eight-side seal and stand-up pouch?The difference between the eight-side seal and the stand-up bag, after the above description, is actually quite obvious. First of all, the bottom of the stand-up bag is not flat, but the bottom of the eight-side seal is flat; there is also a difference in the number of their edges, and the stand-up bag has4strips, eight side seals have8In addition, the total number of display surfaces is also different. There can only be two stand-up pouches, while there must be five eight-sided seals. Cong generally speaking, the independent eight-side seal is better than the stand-up bag, more layered, and more stable; however, the price is relatively expensive, but the technical specifications are also higher.

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