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The high-temperature retort bag is a composite plastic film bag that can be heat-treated. It has the advantages of both a can container and a boiling water-resistant plastic bag. Therefore, it is also called”soft can”. Proven in use for over a decade, it is an ideal sales packaging container.Structure and material of high temperature retort bagThe retort pouch is mostly made of three layers of materials. The typical structure of the retort pouch is: the outer layer is polyester film for reinforcement; the middle layer is aluminum foil for light, moisture and air leakage; the inner layer is polyolefin membrane(such as polypropylene film), for heat sealing and contact with food.Advantages and disadvantages of high temperature cooking bagsIn terms of food packaging, compared with metal can containers and frozen food packaging bags, retort bags have many unique advantages:①Maintain the color, fragrance, taste and shape of food. The retort pouch is thinner, which can meet the sterilization requirements in a short period of time, and preserve the original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food as much as possible.②Easy to use. The retort pouch can be opened conveniently and safely. When eating, put the food into the boiling water together with the bag to heat5Ready to eat in minutes, even without heating.③Convenient storage and transportation. The retort bag is light in weight, can be stacked and stored, and occupies a small space. After packaging food, it occupies a smaller space than a metal can, which can make full use of the storage and transportation space and save storage and transportation costs.④ Save energy. Because the retort bag is thinner, the temperature in the bag can quickly reach the lethal temperature of bacteria when heated, and the energy consumption is less than that of iron cans30~40%.⑤Easy to sell. Retort pouches can be packed separately or combined with different foods according to market needs, and customers can choose them at will. In addition, due to the exquisite decoration, the sales volume has also been greatly increased.⑥ long storage time. The food packaged in retort bags does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, and has a stable shelf life, which is comparable to metal cans. It is easy to sell and easy to use at home.⑦The manufacturing cost is low. The price of composite film for making retort bags is lower than that of metal plates, and its production process and required equipment are much simpler, so the price of retort bags is lower.Disadvantages: The main reason is the lack of high-speed filling equipment, which has a certain impact on mass production.Safety of Sterilization of High Temperature Retort Bag FoodU.S. Food and NO Administration (FDA)Require 1) When applying for food registration, the enterprise must show the scientific basis of the sufficient degree of heat sterilization, and is required to submit the temperature distribution survey data on the sterilizer used, the heat transfer test and the actual measurement data as attachments. 2The purpose of the temperature distribution investigation is to confirm the uniformity of the temperature distribution when the food is placed in the sterilizer.(low temperature point)Consists of two parts that perform a specific test. 3) The heat transfer test measures the temperature change of food placed at a specific low temperature point to prove that under the designed sterilization conditions, even in the worst position, sufficient heat sterilization effects can be obtained.FDAThere are detailed prescribed guidelines for the conduct of these investigations and tests. 4) hopes to introduce an effective weapon to improve the safety management of retort bag food——The critical control point of the hazard analysis (HACCPsystem). This system can be used to check the important management points that must be controlled to effectively reduce the major hazards caused by the food to human health in a series of links from fresh raw materials to final products. If it is found to deviate from the management points, it must follow The product is segregated, reprocessed or discarded according to a pre-specified method.Technological performance of high temperature retort bagged food 1) When putting steamed food in such a plastic molded container, in order to prevent problems such as liquid leakage when opening, the filling rate of the content is generally controlled at80%about. Generally, after filling the content, replace the vacant part with inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to prevent discoloration of the content or oxidation of oil. This method is currently widely used. 2) When these products are processed by general cooking and sterilization methods, due to the gas in the container, expansion, bursting, and damage to the sealing film are prone to occur during the processing process, which sometimes leads to a decline in commodity value and sterilization. subsequent secondary pollution.3) In order to solve these problems, in the whole process of cooking and sterilization, especially in the heating and cooling process, it is necessary to control the internal pressure of the container to be equal to the internal pressure of the sterilization device. 4) Even for bagged products, in order to maintain the shape of solid products such as chestnuts, rice, and noodles, some products sometimes use gas replacement methods. However, the liquid food is filled and sealed by pumping, while the solid food is vacuum-packed. There is no advantage in replacing liquid products with nitrogen. On the contrary, from the perspective of hindering heat transfer, the disadvantages are even greater. 5) After heating and sterilizing the food filled in the airtight container, it is circulated at room temperature to provide consumers with safe and delicious food. In fact, the most important thing is food safety. It is also very important to meet the palatability under the premise of ensuring food safety.The article comes from the sharing of food forum netizens