“Food Packaging Bag Design” What aspects should be paid attention to in the design of food packaging bags?

December 28, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

1. The material selection should be similar to the product category to be designed! In order to show the effect of food packaging bag design, remember not to choose design materials blindly. Be sure to choose design materials that are consistent with the category and nature of the product to be designed, so as not to cause consumers to lose trust and have a negative impact. In addition, the design material can also be directly expanded through the real picture of the product and related pictures, so as to further improve the authenticity of the food packaging bag and win the recognition of consumers. 2. The design of food packaging bags should not be too fancy, but focus directly on the key points! The volume of the food packaging bag itself is usually not too large, so the packaging design of the food packaging bag should not be too complicated.

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