“Food packaging bags” What kind of garbage are used food packaging bags? Can it be recycled?

December 29, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

People often ask what kind of garbage does this food packaging bag and what kind of packaging bag belong to? Can it be recycled? And so on. In response to these problems, yltpacking packaging today tells you that food packaging bags are plastic waste and can be recycled. 1. Plastic: various plastic bags, plastic foam boxes, plastic packaging products, disposable plastic lunch boxes, hard plastics, plastic toothbrushes, plastic cups, beverage bottles, etc. 2. Food packaging bags should be made of food-grade film, usually with two or more layers of composite material bags. The recycling of waste plastics has been widely used by contemporary industrial enterprises. After waste plastics are separated by manual screening, they need to be converted into various transparent and opaque recycled plastics through crushing, plastic granulation, modified materials, etc., and then according to phase differentiation, they finally become Recycled plastic and can be used again. 3. Initially, waste plastic recycling was used extensively in landfill or incineration, resulting in an incalculable waste of resources. Therefore, in foreign countries, waste plastics are replaced by blast furnaces for coal, petroleum and coke, cement rotary kilns replace coal-fired cement, and waste solid fuels (RDF) replace power generation. The actual effect is very good. The above is the whole content of “What kind of garbage is the used food packaging bag? Can it be recycled?”.

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