How about drawing film food packaging bag?Drawing film food packaging bag manufacturers?

January 14, 2023


Brushed film refers to the packaging material that uses physical micro-light technology to perform micro-grain heat pressing to form a metal wire-drawn texture effect on the surface of the film. The embossed pattern can be customized, rich in color, full of three-dimensional effect, and more refined and advanced in vision.Main features of drawing filmThe effect of the brushed film product is intuitive and obvious, with a strong three-dimensional effect, high brightness, fine and uniform brushed surface, which makes people feel exquisite and noble.PETDrawing film products have excellent processability, surface decoration, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. Can be used to make brushed transfer hot stamping film, such as hot stamping photo frames, etc., home appliances/Architectural brushed decorative film, single-layer brushed film,PETComposite brushed film. The thickness of the drawing film can be as thin as3.5Silk, especially suitable for various high-end packaging such as food.At present, daily chemical packaging, food packaging, etc. have been widely used in the packaging market of various industries. The brushed film packaging bag not only feels good but also has a good visual effect. The high-end atmosphere can upgrade your products to form different lights and make your products more distinctive.Features of brushed film packaging bags: 1, Strong frosted particle feel. 2, Sparkling visual effects. 3, It has the effect of scratch resistance and wear resistance. 4, It can be used for plastic compounding, and it will not affect the printed pattern after compounding. 5, Brushed film is a transparent shiny film can be customized raw materials according to customer needs 6, The brushed film must be composited with at least two or more layers of materials 7, The material can be used as a drawing film/PET/PE,Drawing film/PETyin and yang/PEWait

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