How about flour kraft paper composite packaging bag rice kraft paper bag food kraft paper bag?

January 13, 2023


Kraft paper is mainly used in food packaging. Tea gift boxes, rice packaging bags, flour packaging bags, and even some of the clothes we buy now start to use kraft paper packaging bags. Because of its environmental protection, kraft paper packaging bags are now very popular. It is one of the most fashionable environmentally friendly packaging materials today, and almost all European countries have already used kraft paper packaging bags. Nowadays, living standards are constantly improving, snack consumers are also developing towards a younger age, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for personalized snack packaging. For consumers, packaging is something that can be seen on the shelf, so it has become an important factor that attracts consumers to buy. Individual kraft paper packaging emerged in response to the times, representing individuality and high-end, and now it has become a fashion trend for high-end packaging and is favored by consumers.

Pet Food Side Gusset And Zipper Kraft Paper Bag Flat Bottom Bag

Pet Food Side Gusset And Zipper Kraft Paper Bag Flat Bottom Bag

1, Return to basics and follow the trend of retroIn recent years, a retro fashion trend has emerged. Whether in the fashion circle, the music industry or the film and television circle, everyone will compete to recall and reproduce the classics. Food companies have also followed the trend of retro fashion, so kraft paper is used as packaging, which is loved by consumers.

2, Personalization of fashion trends is closely connected with consumer groupsKraft paper packaging is a humanized form of expression, a synonym for fashion, individuality and high-end, and it is also a clear stream among various plastic packaging products. Packaging design should integrate with today’s mass culture to convey corporate image in a more acceptable way. Because kraft paper has a unique natural color, compared with the effects required by other complicated printing techniques, kraft paper can achieve unique visual effects through simple processing and printing.

3, Recycling is in line with the development trend of environmental protectionWhy is kraft paper packaging popular in the food industry? This has a lot to do with the high-quality performance and environmental protection of the packaging box. Packaging cartons are more environmentally friendly and hygienic than plastic packaging. Today, food, sanitation and ecological protection are defined more broadly. The kraft paper packaging has been warmly received, and it works.Kraft paper plastic bags, custom-made packaging bags of this material, mostly with2.5KG,5KGMainly. Kraft paper plastic rice packaging bags, flour kraft paper composite packaging bags can be customized. Kraft paper-plastic composite bags are mostly made of kraft paper and plastic products during processing. It is usually processed by some polyethylene materials and polypropylene materials, while kraft paper is processed by some fine composite special kraft paper during processing. The two are bonded by molten plastic thermal lamination. The kraft paper coated cloth is formed into a bag, and then processed and sewn into a three-in-one paper-plastic bag for packaging and plastic sealing of items. Features: It has high strength and good waterproof performance, and the product is also very beautiful in appearance. Self-sealing strips can be added,The entire product packaging bag can stand upright, and the combination of kraft paper and plastic film makes the product packaging almost perfect!

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