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January 30, 2023


With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention has been paid to healthy eating. Coarse grains have gradually entered people’s tables. Among them, corn flour corn paste and instant corn paste are no longer favorite products for middle-aged and elderly people and are more popular among young consumers. of favor,

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1. Cornmeal contains linoleic acid and vitaminsE., can reduce the cholesterol level in the human body, thereby reducing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis;

2. Cornmeal contains more calcium and iron, which can prevent high blood pressure and coronary heart disease;

3. Modern medical research shows that cornmeal is rich in glutathione, which is an anti-cancer factor that can combine with a variety of foreign chemical carcinogens in the human body to make them lose their toxicity, and then excreted through the digestive tract;

4. Coarsely ground cornmeal contains high amounts of lysine, which inhibits tumor growth;

5. Cornmeal also contains the trace element selenium. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of oxides in the human body and inhibit malignant tumors;

6. The rich dietary fiber in cornmeal can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the time for food to pass through the digestive tract, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and the stimulation of carcinogens to the colon, thus reducing the incidence of colon cancer. The packaging requirements of corn flour and corn paste are becoming more and more novel and full of vitality. If you want to know more packaging products, please consult the packaging and printing manufacturers.

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