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In order to improve the sanitation and safety of dog food packaging bags, it can be achieved through the following technical means.One is to use plastic packaging raw materials with high hygiene and safety, such as the use of high-purity resins, and the use of recycled materials and waste plastics as raw materials is prohibited.The second is to research and develop non-toxic and hygienic processing aids, continuously improve plastic blending technology, and improve the performance of plastic food packaging materials on the premise of ensuring non-toxic, hygienic and environmentally friendly dog food packaging bags.The third is to innovate and develop new processing technologies, such as using supercritical technology to reduce toxic and harmful substances produced in the production process of raw materials and processing aids.The fourth is to develop intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means, through strict scientific design and calculation to design reasonable packaging, strengthen the protective function of dog food packaging bags, and use the edibility and water solubility of some plastic packaging materials to improve the quality of dog food. The safety and environmental protection performance of the packaging bag can avoid food pollution caused by human operation.The fifth is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of products, focusing on the testing of processing aids such as plasticizers and antioxidants, residual solvents and monomers, heavy metals, and the compatibility of packaging materials and contents to ensure food safety and sanitation .