How can “packaging bags” effectively prevent packaging bags from aging?

December 1, 2022


Plastic packaging bags are closely related to our lives, so far no products can completely replace them, but how much do you know about them? Do you know how to prevent it from aging? Next, yltpacking will discuss with you how to effectively prevent the aging of packaging bags. 1. In the natural environment, that is, in the case of direct sunlight, the strength of the plastic packaging bag will decrease by about 25% after one week, and about 40% after two weeks. In other words, the storage and preservation of plastic packaging bags is very important. 2. After packing the items, if the packaging bag is placed outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight, the strength will drop sharply, so try to avoid direct sunlight. 3. The excessive participation of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for the aging of plastic packaging bags. 4. Excessive temperature or excessive rain in the storage and transportation of the packaging bag will cause its strength to decrease, which will fail to meet the quality requirements for maintaining the contents. Therefore, high temperature and rain should be avoided at ordinary times. The above is about “How can the “packaging bag” effectively prevent the aging of the packaging bag? “‘s entire content.

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