How many materials are there for custom-made mask packaging bags?

December 18, 2022


“How many materials are there for custom-made mask packaging bags?” Many people don’t know which material they belong to and what material they should choose when buying mask bags. Next, yltpacking will introduce to you the types of mask packaging bag materials. The material of the mask packaging bag can be divided into the following three types: The first type: matte film/aluminum plating/PE, this material composite mask bag is the most common combination of materials on the market. The surface of the mask bag has a matte effect, and some customers like the matte feeling, which gives the product a certain advantage in the market competition. The second type: PET/AL/PE. Compared with the first type, the biggest sensory difference is that the surface of the second type of packaging bag is an effect of light, while the first one is frosted. The third type: dumb film/PET/AL/PE, the third material composite bag is less, because the quality of the packaging bag of this material will be high, of course the price will be much higher, therefore, for the high quality requirements of customers, choose The third is the most suitable. The above is the whole content of “How many materials can be selected for customized mask packaging bags?”

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