How many steps are there in customizing plastic packaging bags?

December 15, 2022


In the era of personalization, everyone is pursuing individuality, and packaging bags are no exception, so there is also customization of packaging bags. So, do you know that there are several steps in customizing plastic packaging bags? The first step is to understand the specification and thickness of the product. The specifications are easy to operate, the ruler is just a quantity, and the thickness needs to be measured by a professional tool micrometer. However, regular customers do not have this tool. If you don’t know the thickness, please tell us the size you want to order and what the package is for. Let’s estimate how thick the thickness should be relative to the thickness of the wire, since this thickness is in order. Some people like to be thick, and some people want to be thinner because of cost considerations, so use specific samples to determine. The second step depends on whether your packaging needs to be printed. If printing, artwork should be sent in layered format. Commonly used layered format artwork is designed by photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW and other software. According to the suffix, there are .pdf, .ai, .psd, .cdr and other formats as long as it is a vector image. Let me say here that our yltpacking provides design. The third step, since the product is customized, the final quantity will inevitably increase or decrease, and the final quantity is calculated according to the final quantity. The general error is within 10%. The fourth step, quotation: the factory price is generally the ex-factory price, excluding tax and freight, including ordinary packaging (generally high and low pressure bags are woven bags, composite bags are carton packaging). Note: The prices on the page are not meaningful. Since the products are customized, the specific specifications, thickness, printing, quantity, etc. are different. Material prices vary and are priced differently. The fifth step, transaction method: arrange the version fee before making the goods. The above is the whole content of “How many steps are there in customizing plastic packaging bags?”

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