How should beef jerky packaging bags be designed?

January 10, 2023


The flexible packaging industry has flexible packaging products used in various industries. Among them, food packaging bags, as packaging containers that directly contact with food and are used to hold and protect food, have strict requirements on the production process. According to the different types of food packaging bags, their production requirements and attention to details are also different. Taking beef jerky packaging bags as an example, it is very easy to have bag swelling problems during use. It can be said that it is a common phenomenon of packaged food deterioration. in one of the performances. Beef jerky packaging bags are prone to bag swelling problems during use, and the reason lies in the growth of microorganisms.Beef jerky is a kind of fast food, keeping fresh is the most important thing, but you can’t take care of the tail. After vacuuming, it often doesn’t look very good. It needs novel and innovative design to achieve the goal of increasing sales. Let’s take a look at the packaging design in detail below.First: Don’t leave all the blanks on the packaging bag. You can choose the essence of beef jerky to leave blank. The other parts are best to give some basic introductions to show the taste and nutritional value of this kind of beef jerky.Second: The packaging of beef jerky does not necessarily have to be in the form of packaging bags. A more innovative way is tin foil packaging. The biggest feature of this material packaging is that it is very beautiful, and it can also fully reduce the waste of space. The gift box is used on the packaging, which is very high-end overall, and the sales amount can also increase significantly!Third: The packaging design of beef jerky can be customized according to different people. A certain principle of extra charges is adopted to enhance the personal experience. Good results can often be achieved by using packaging designs tailored to local conditions.

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