How should the “packaging bag” special-shaped packaging bag be designed?

December 29, 2022


Special-shaped packaging bags are special-shaped packaging bags. Make molds for the shape of packaging bags according to customer requirements, and then die-cut them into various shapes. Shaped bags elevate ordinary three-side-sealed bags and make your products more attractive to customers. So, how should special-shaped packaging bags be designed? The first is the capacity of the bag: the change of the inner capacity After changing the ordinary composite packaging bag into a special-shaped packaging bag, its capacity must be changed to a certain extent, so the size of the packaging bag needs to be redesigned. The second is the change of the outer edge of the packaging bag: because it is a soft bag, the outer edge of the bag should not be sharp, so as not to pierce other packages when stacking, otherwise it will hurt the user. The third is the impact of the packaging method: the impact of packaging If the automatic sealing device is used to seal the special-shaped packaging bag, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of production, there are certain requirements for the opening direction and sealing position of the special-shaped packaging bag, which is also a point to be considered. Then add the exquisite pattern design, and finally successfully produced the special-shaped packaging bag! The above is the whole content of “how should special-shaped packaging bags be designed”.

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