How to calculate the quantity and cost of printing plates when making traditional packaging bags?

December 21, 2022


In the process of packaging bag sales and customization, many customers will ask: “The packaging bags I want to make have a lot of colors, how many plates do I need to make? Why is the plate-making fee so expensive?” Let’s discuss these issues about the plate below. a bit. We usually refer to the plate of the packaging bag as the printing plate, which is the carrier that transfers ink to the substrate to print images and text. After the design is completed, it is a necessary step before making the bag. There are four types of printing plates on the market: there are intaglio, letterpress, plano and perforated. Different versions serve different purposes. After knowing a little about printing plates, let’s learn how to calculate how many plates are needed for a bag. In fact, the color of the packaging bag determines the number of plates, one color for one plate. After confirming the number of editions, you will know the price of each color of the edition. Customers often ask why this version is so expensive. Let me explain here that the plate fee is not set by the printing house, but by the plate maker. Then why is the version fee of this printing factory expensive, but that one is cheap? In fact, like other products, the same product will have different prices, which are often affected by product quality, service, brand, etc. Some small plate-making factories charge less for plates, but the quality of plates is relatively poor. The plate made by a good plate making factory will be very good. It is recommended to do the best in the printing plate, because the printed bags will look better and the printing quality will improve a lot. Of course, it depends on the customer’s request. If the quality requirements of the bag are very high, try to find a large plate making factory, because the budget is limited. If the quality of the bag is not high, you can find those relatively small plate-making factories. Therefore, customers can also learn about plate-making knowledge before making packaging bags. The price of plate making is relatively transparent in the market. The above is the whole content of “How to calculate the quantity and cost of printing plates when making traditional packaging bags?”

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