How to choose a custom processing factory for plastic packaging bags?

January 11, 2023


yltpackaging is a manufacturer of custom-made rice grain packaging bags, plastic bags, food bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags, kraft paper bags and other paper-plastic composite packaging bags. The company is mainly engaged in various plastic color printing and composite flexible packaging Research and development, production and sales of materials. Main business of flexible packaging: various specifications of rice bags, pet dog food bags, cooking vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags (self-supporting), eight-side seals, food packaging bags, seed pesticide packaging bags, poultry roll film, PE film Products: PE Aluminized film, PE high-temperature cooking film products are sold at home and abroad. At present, customers cover domestic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The company’s main products involve three series, rice flour bag series (suitable for rice bags, refined Flour bags, dry powder bags and other products); Vacuum cooking aluminum plastic series (suitable for all kinds of vacuum, cooking, boiling, freezing and other sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging); Food packaging series (suitable for convenience food, snack food, The packaging of quick-frozen food and other products); the main products of the company’s qualification factory environment

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