How to choose beef jerky packaging bags?

January 9, 2023


The design of beef jerky packaging bags can make full use of elements that can display product characteristics and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Therefore, the design of beef jerky packaging bags has a great effect on product sales. 1, sealed packagingFor beef jerky of different specifications, the corresponding vacuum packaging bags, from the perspective of sterility testing and storage standards, vacuum packaging bags have a certain effect on shielding gas, eliminating germs and some microbial strains. After the product is vacuum packaged, it will be The packaged air-dried beef is put into a sterilizer for ultra-high pressure sterilization, so that the vacuum-packed air-dried beef has a longer shelf life.Vacuum packaging bags may not be the future development trend, but this kind of packaging does have a good effect on the storage of dried beef flavor. If beef jerky of different specifications is packed in a vacuum bag, from the perspective of sterility testing and storage, it can indeed protect the outside air, kill some microorganisms and kill bacteria. Therefore, in the future, there may be a large number of dried beef packaged in such vacuum packaging bags for sale. 2, simplifiedIn recent years, the design style of literary beef jerky packaging bags seems to be more and more literary, whether it is the current various skin care products or the packaging of delicious snacks. Therefore, in order to better adapt to the taste of the masses, we can also apply this kind of mentality in the design of beef jerky packaging bags. Showcasing the design style of beef jerky packaging bag designMinimalist designs have been in vogue for years and show no signs of fading. Although it may be a bit abstract, keeping it simple can convey the most important information. The hardest part is to find the characteristics of the product that people usually see at a glance, and bring them to life, so that customers can see the brightest part of the packaging at a glance. 3, Extract product selling pointsProduct Selling Points Extraction Nowadays, more and more beef jerky packaging bags are designed, so in order to make the outer packaging more creative and stand out, you can extract some selling points and put them on the outer packaging box. For example, the origin of beef jerky or the later cultivation process, and then the later processing technology can be regarded as a selling point, so if I can use some language to extract it, I will put it on the outer packaging, It must also be a good way to attract some customers, so because of this, many people will gradually add this kind of copywriting to the packaging bag design of beef jerky.

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