How to choose cat litter packaging bags?

January 11, 2023


Now many families are raising pets, especially cats have become a member of the family. The food used by cats is carefully selected. Consumers have gradually increased their requirements for cat supplies, but its packaging is also the focus of consumers. , It should be convenient and safe to use. We all know that cat litter is mostly granular. Commonly used cat litter includes soil sand, paper sand, crystal sand, bean curd sand, wood sand, etc. Cat litter is usually packed in plastic bags. The plastic used for litter packaging bags is not only convenient but also more delicate. A good cat litter packaging bag will bring better convenience to consumers.Cat litter packaging bag, high barrier, stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, freshness preservation, odor preservation. The packaging bag made of composite materials made of different plastic materials achieves a high barrier effect on oxygen, water, and odor. It is especially important for cat litter, because the basic characteristic of cat litter is to have good water absorption, and some brands of cat litter will also be seasoned, so cat litter packaging bags are a good choice.

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