How to choose product packaging efficiently?

January 2, 2023


Packaging is very important for a product, it can affect the overall effect of a product. A good product and its packaging design is also very good. There are many ways to design a product’s packaging, and specific processing methods such as deformation, extrusion, superimposition, reorganization, addition, and decoration are often used to reflect its cultural connotation. Its specific image features lie in the style, style, graphics, Color, text, material and other aspects can be reflected.The packaging design styles are different, and the design forms are diverse, from the original and simple folk folk packaging to the avant-garde modern creative packaging, from the simple traditional packaging to the gorgeous and even luxurious packaging and so on. Even the same liquor bottle packaging style can be designed in a polarized style of rough and vigorous or delicate and soft. All kinds of packaging can have different designs of size, length, and width, so that people can choose freely from them, which leads to uncertainty and ambiguity in the trend of packaging popularity.In terms of the appearance of the packaging, the traditional packaging methods and concepts have also been challenged and impacted. Just looking at the packaging of liquor, from the appearance alone, there are some that are either all-inclusive, or transparent, or half-covered, or complicated, or simple. , or extensive, or long and narrow, or layer upon layer, or uneven disorder…Full of strong individuality and diversity. In terms of packaging structure, it has shifted from comprehensive and clear to decomposed and fuzzy. Deconstructed the distinctive structure designed by the traditional three-dimensional construction method, and combined the plane shape and the three-dimensional shape to reconstruct the structure of each part of the packaging, so that it has unconventional structural design characteristics such as freedom, looseness, fuzziness, mutation, and movement. , thus forming a new visual effect.Packaging color(Combinations and changes including graphics and fonts)There is an overlapping of low-purity natural pastel colors and high-purity bright stimulating colors. Some use whimsical and mutually exclusive colors to show the lively fun and drama of the packaging. In addition, through the use of layering, combination, transparency, texture and other design treatments on materials, the colors produce orderly gradients and disorderly changes of light and dark, adding infinite interest to the packaging.On packaging materials, there are also obvious characteristics of diversity and richness, which are concentrated in the types of raw materials, morphological structures, textures, and combinations and contrasts between them. Some designers also creatively use deformation, hollowing out, combination and other processing techniques to enrich the appearance of materials, give materials a new image, and emphasize the aesthetic value of material design.

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