How to choose rice packaging material?

January 4, 2023


Vacuum rice packaging is currently a popular form of rice packaging in the market. There are two other types of rice packaging: non-vacuum and bulk rice. Vacuum-packed rice can often be stored for a longer period of time. It is a mainstream packaging form. This type of packaging The material is also known asPErice bag filmFirst of all, what is vacuum rice bag packaging? Vacuum rice bag packaging is to take the air out of the rice bag packaging to form a vacuum, and use the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the bag to form the original loose rice into a regular rice brick packaging form, and the packaging material used isPERice bag film, why is vacuum rice bag popular now? There is a lot of air in the traditional rice packaging bag, the air permeability is good, and the rice is easy to flow. After a long time, the rice is easy to breathe and deteriorate, while the rice in the vacuum rice bag is in a glued state (the negative pressure inside the bag2000PaAbove), effectively cut off the oxygen, so that it is not easy to breathe and deteriorate. At the same time, whole grains have always represented a good harvest and auspiciousness. Exquisite vacuum rice bag gift boxes are fashionable and meaningful as gifts, so vacuum rice bag packaging is becoming more and more popular, and the market space is huge. Many bag factories and rice factories have seen this trend and have adopted vacuum rice bag packaging.As the saying goes, cherries are delicious but hard to grow. There are three major problems in vacuum rice bag packaging, none of which are easy to solve. 1.Air leakage: No matter on the packaging line or on the supermarket shelves, the vacuum rice bags have air leakage to varying degrees. The main reason is heat seal strength and bag structure; 2.Burst bag: Vacuum rice bags sometimes burst due to unreasonable corner design or external force or drop. Exploding bags will bring great troubles to production, distribution and consumption; 3.PEBase film odor: Consumers are sensitive to food odors. The peculiar smell of rice bags mainly comes fromPEBottom film odor and composite glue odor. In order to improve the anti-drop performance of rice bags,PEMetallocenes are generally added to the base film, resulting in odor. In addition, the poor quality of solvent-free composite glue can easily lead to odor.while usingPERice bag film can solve these three problems well.PECharacteristics of rice bag film: excellent composite strength, toughness, puncture resistance, effectively prevent air leakage; good flexibility to prevent bag bursting; reasonable formula greatly reduces the odor of the bottom film. at the same time,PEThe rice bag film has excellent physical properties; excellent thermal adhesion and low temperature heat sealability; good low temperature storage resistance; excellent transparency and gloss.

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