How to choose the right Coffee Bean Packaging Bag?

Coffee is almost a necessity in the lives of most modern people.You maybe able to distinguish the quality of coffee, but have you paid attention to the quality of coffee packaging bags?
Sometimes the quality of the coffee may be very good, but the wrong packaging bag is used, which greatly compromises its quality.
There are many coffee bean bag types to choose from: stand up bag, flat bottom bag, side gusset bag, 4 side sealing bag, etc. To be honest, you can choose according to your personal preference.
Coffee beans need to be shaded, so three layers of material must be used, the key is how to choose these three layers of material.
PET/MOPP+VMPET/AL+PE/CPP or kraft paper+PLA(can be biodegradable).
1) Coffee Bag Material: External layer
PET is glossy, MOPP is matt, just choose according to the effect you want. Kindly see below.
2) Coffee Bag Material: Mezzanine
The VMPET is aluminized, and the AL is aluminum foil. Obviously, the shading, strength, stretchability and other properties of AL(aluminum foil) are better than VMPET(aluminized). So if you have a budget, please choose AL material. If your budget is not enough, please choose a thicker aluminized.
Coffee Bag Material Mezzanine
3) Coffee Bag Material: Inner layer
PE is the inner material of most plastic bags, it is the safest food grade material, so there is nothing to say. CPP is another inner layer material, but it is generally used when packaging lighter things. We do not recommended it for heavier products such as 500g, 1kg of coffee beans.
1) Coffee Bag Zipper
The zipper is of course a must, it can help us better store coffee beans. However, if you choose side gusset bag, you can use tin tie instead of zipper.
2) Coffee Bag: One-way exhaust valve
The valve is the most important part, and it has many benefits.
Coffee Bag: Exhaust (anti-swelling bag):
Coffee beans will continue to release carbon dioxide several times the volume of the coffee beans themselves for a period of time after roasti