How to customize rice packaging bags?

January 28, 2023


With the development of the Internet economy, many people have started online businesses, and a group of people with unique sources of goods and sources of origin have started the road to doing business online. In order to make their products more competitive, many people choose to start their own businesses. brand, but in the face of a rapidly changing market, some individuals or small and micro enterprises face great risks when operating products. Therefore, how to solve the operating risks of small and micro enterprises has become an important issue.Take rice as an example. Apart from the factors of the product itself, the most important thing is the packaging of rice. Now many packaging bags on the market are common. The advantages of this kind of packaging bags are as follows: 1, The purchase is cheap, convenient, and the quantity is not limited. 2,fast shipments.However, the shortcomings of this general version of rice packaging bags are also obvious. Specifically, there are the following points: 1, Rice companies can’t promote their own brands, all products are the same. 21. There is no information about the seller of the product, and there is no guarantee for consumers to purchase. It is difficult to gain the trust of consumers and affect sales. 31. The specification, size and material of the rice packaging bag cannot be chosen by oneself, so we can only make do with it.Therefore, some people of insight took the lead in customizing packaging bags for their own rice. The advantages of customizing rice packaging bags are obvious. First of all, customized rice packaging bags can design their own brand patterns and colors, and they can also freely choose specifications, materials, Packaging form, etc. Once this kind of packaged rice opens up the market, it is easy to form its own brand effect. But why are many rice companies unable to customize their own packaging bags? There are mainly the following reasons: 1, The printing volume is too much, the risk is high. Now almost all printing factories generally require the least printing when customizing rice packaging bags.2Tens of thousands of prints are printed, which has brought troubles to many individual operators or small and micro enterprises, and the pressure on money is too much to bear. 21. The market situation remains to be seen, and the sales volume is difficult to control. What if so many packaging bags are ordered, and the product does not sell well in the end? Fear of causing irreparable waste. 31. Customized rice packaging bags need to invest a lot of version fees in the early stage, which also increases the financial pressure of rice companies. 4, Customized rice packaging bags often need close attention from design to shipment20God, business opportunities are missed a lot of the time.In order to solve this problem, after years of research on the rice market, our company can at least half roll film5000Packing minimum order, expedited production10Shipment within one day, product information can be printed on the packaging to achieve customization, and small-scale trial sales can be carried out without pressing funds.

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