How to Customize Your Own Packaging Bags

August 17, 2022

How to Customize Your Own Packaging Bags

Many customers have the need for customized packaging but do not know how to customize the packaging. The steps of packaging customization are very simple, but the price is not achieved overnight. Today, I will carefully organize the customization steps for the small partners who need private customization.

1. Inquiry and Quotation

The price is the most concerning issue for everyone. To confirm the price, we need to confirm the details, such as bag type, size, material, quantity, thickness, etc. But if you are not sure about the details of your bags, never mind, we could recommend them to you based on your experience. If you need to place an order quickly, you need to report the above parameters to our sales.

bags type


2. Confirm Artwork

The confirmation of the artwork is generally carried out simultaneously with consultation and quotation. Customers with artwork will give the artwork first, and then let our customer service quote, which is also the most intuitive way to quote. If there is no artwork and want to discuss the quotation first, we will also give an estimated quotation first, but the final price will still be confirmed after reading the artwork.

food bag

3. Order and Production

After confirming with the details and PO, Our customer service will arrange the customer’s order for production. The process includes customer manuscript typesetting confirmation – printing – Laminating – cutting – bag making and the process generally takes 7-15 days.


4. Shipping and After-Sale Service

If you have the forwarder to arrange the bags, it is available, if not, we have the shipping service also with a competitive price to arrange your bags. If there is any quality problem after receiving your bags, our professional after-sale service will handle it and give your reasonable solutions.

stand up bag

Kindly contact us if you need to order custom packaging bags!


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