How to design food packaging bags to be more high-end

January 9, 2023


Today, the trend of minimalism prevails and permeates all design fields. The concept and design techniques of minimalism are applied to various food packaging designs, and the minimalist style of food coincides with the current concept of green and healthy eating.Nowadays, the whole design trend is towards minimalism, and food packaging is no exception. From the consumer’s point of view, today’s Chinese consumers are intellectual and self-willed, and the environment is impetuous, so they pursue simplicity and the ultimate aesthetics of frigid business is the rise of this group.90back00The new favorite of the main force of post-consumption. 1, Simple food packaging design style pursues”less is more”The principle does not mean blind deletion, but to simplify product elements, highly refine information, achieve precise, clear, vivid and powerful conveying of excellent visual effects, and highlight quality with exquisite details. 21. The simplification of products can start from the safety attributes of food and the design style of outer packaging. The content of advertising copy is also particularly important, and cultural soft power should not be underestimated. 3, Not all products are suitable for simple style, it needs to be determined according to factors such as product positioning and consumer groups. 4, human taste preferences have obvious periodicity,30A year is a cycle, and we are just in this stage of the cycle when the simple style prevails. Businesses should aim at the target and seize the opportunity, plan in response to the trend, move according to the trend, and follow the trend.

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