How to design “tea packaging bag” tea packaging bag?

December 26, 2022


In the current increasingly fierce market competition, when we discuss “what are the key points of tea packaging bag design?” Bags for sale. Skills are of course important, but the connotation of tea packaging bag design is equally important, and from a certain point of view, it is even more important. Therefore, we must start to improve the basic quality and design level of tea packaging bag designers. The first is to master the skills of tea packaging bag design, and it is very important to master the color skills of tea packaging design. Pay attention to the coordinated relationship between color and packaging, as well as the contrast between color and color itself. From this flexible packaging industry, the main colors of food are warm yellow and pink, giving people a warm and intimate feeling. Tea is mostly green, while beverages are mostly blue. Also, the contrast between colors and colors. Generally speaking, it includes: the contrast between light and dark colors, the point-to-surface ratio of colors, etc. Therefore, in the process of studying the design of tea packaging bags, if you want to design a good packaging pattern, you must pay attention to the contrast between the color and the color itself. However, in order to improve the connotation of tea packaging design, it is necessary to improve the designer’s own quality. At present, the packaging design of many tea packaging bags

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