How to locate the design theme of food packaging bags

December 18, 2022


don’t know if you have noticed such a phenomenon in the design of food packaging bags, that is, after the theme of the design is determined, the subsequent design will be very smooth. Find good material, and all that’s left is to combine typography and sophisticated color. The theme of the design is very important! If you don’t know how to design a theme, there are usually the following steps: 1. The copywriting is different, but the meaning is the same. Everything is difficult at the beginning, we can first imitate and then innovate! 2. Empathy because the positioning of the crowd determines the style of your design, whether it is lively, cute or mature. This is the point where you need to empathize. Surely you can’t over-design something to sell to kids. Usually this kind of thing is not very popular, and can only become a sarcasm for a few consumers. Another point is particularly important, that is, when making food packaging bags, if the product is very interesting and tasteful, then try to use real products to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. The above is all about “how to position the design theme of food packaging bags”.

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