How to make dried fruit and vegetable packaging bags, eight-side sealed aluminum-plated bags, self-supporting zipper packaging bags, jujube packaging bags?

January 22, 2023


Dried fruit and vegetable packaging bag eight-side sealed aluminum-plated bag self-supporting zipper packaging bag jujube packaging bagIn order to prepare and respond to your request better and more accurately, please pay attention to provide the following information when you make an inquiry: 1.Have you used the bag before? 2.Which composite materials are used for the packaging bag and what is the thickness? (You can also choose the right material and thickness for your product by our experience) 3.If you have used the packaging bag, please provide what type of packaging bag? (Example: three-side seal, middle seal, stand-up pouch, stand-up zipper bag, etc.) 4.What is the number of colors that need to be printed on the packaging bag? 5.What is the expected quantity of this order? 6.Customers provide design drafts or previously made packaging bags.The more detailed information you provide, the more timely and accurate our quotation will be. Thank you for your cooperation!Nut packaging bag dried fruit packaging bag nut food packaging bag dried fruit food packaging bag bag shape. 1, Three-side sealed dried fruit and nut packaging bag, heat-seal half a centimeter on the left and right sides, and heat-seal the upper part1to2cm. The customer puts the nut food into the triple-seal bag from the bottom, and then heat seals it half a centimeter. 2, Harmonica bag nut food packaging bag nut packaging dried fruit packaging bag nut food packaging bag dried fruit food packaging bag, this is the most used bag shape for nuts and sunflower seeds, with folded edges on the left and right, large capacity and exquisite shape. 3, Eight side seal nut packaging bag@Dried Fruit Packaging Bag@Nut food packaging bag@Dried fruit food packaging bag Nut packaging bag, this bag has a three-dimensional effect and can stand on the shelf, which is convenient for sales and consumption by consumers. There are three planes on the side and the bottom for color printing of food packaging bag information, and there are more places on the front and back for advertising and beautification, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumers’ attention. 4, Self-supporting nut packaging bag, dried fruit packaging bag, nut food packaging bagDried fruit food packaging bags, stand-up pouches in nut food, dried fruit food is also a common bag shape, can stand on its own, usually with a zipper, easy to carry and eat nuts. For the specific issues of nuts and dried fruit food packaging bags, you can pay attention to the exchange of packaging issues.

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