Is it possible to use other people’s existing versions for custom-made food packaging bags??

January 16, 2023


Usually, when we communicate with customers, we often meet many customers asking whether it is OK to use other people’s existing versions for custom-made food packaging bags? The editor will answer everyone that of course it is not possible. Why do you say that the old version cannot be used? When customizing food packaging bags and packaging film, it means that every part can be changed, including trademarks (LOGO), composite several layers of film (thickness), size, pattern, bag type, etc. After having such a thinking inertia, some customers will think that it is feasible to use other people’s existing versions and make slight changes, so as to save part of the version fee.As we all know, customized packaging bags require a printing fee, because our current packaging bag production process uses gravure printing, and the main advantages of gravure printing are accurate color registration, clear and thick printing content, high printing resistance, and fast printing speed, suitable for large The disadvantage of large-scale production is that the plate fee is relatively expensive, and we charge the plate fee according to the color, one color and one plate, the more complex the color, the more expensive the plate fee, and the complex plate-making process has a certain plate-making cycle.Custom-made packaging bags will first design drawings according to customer needs, and plate making will also engrave steel plates based on the designed drawing size, bag shape, and printing content. Customizing a set of exclusive versions is like engraving official seals. If two If the specifications of different bags are inconsistent, then the existing version cannot be used, and cannot be printed on the machine. The problem of version fees and the problem of modifying the version made by others is mainly caused by the bottleneck of the existing printing technology. With the continuous development of the industry, there will be a good alternative in the future, and the production process and technology will become better more mature and stable.

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