Is the rice packaging bag vacuumed rice brick bag organ plastic vacuum bag waterproof?

January 10, 2023


Rice is one of the staple foods of our people, and rice is our daily necessities. However, there are many brands of domestic rice products. If manufacturers and sellers want to make their products stand out and attract consumers’ attention, in addition to ensuring the quality of rice and rice packaging materials, they have to work hard on the design of rice packaging bags.First of all, the premise of judging a high-quality rice packaging bag is that the quality is good, and it should meet the safety needs of manufacturers and consumers at the same time. Generally speaking, a bag of rice will go to all parts of the country through various transportation channels after leaving the factory. This requires that the design of the rice packaging bag should not only be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also have good puncture resistance, be able to withstand a certain pressure, and ensure the safety of rice products during transportation.At the same time, when designing rice packaging bags, we must also fully consider the needs of consumers. When designing packaging bags for rice products, many packaging bag manufacturers are based on humanized planning. Many packaging bag manufacturers have designed settings on the seal of rice packaging bags that are convenient for consumers to lift, so that they can It is very convenient for consumers to carry it when purchasing and picking up the goods.In addition, for some consumers who do not often cook at home, many packaging bag manufacturers have specially added a bottle cap opening design to the seal. After unsealing, consumers only need to twist the bottle cap to effectively seal the rice, instead of transferring the rice to the rice tank after unsealing like traditional rice packaging bags, which is convenient and worry-free. 11. The price of the rice vacuum bag is related to its specification, size, and minimum order quantity. The larger the specification and the thicker the thickness, the higher the price. In line with the market principle of small profits but quick turnover, the more customized the price is, the more affordable it will be. 21. The price of the rice vacuum bag is also related to the material it uses. The price of the selected material is also different. Generally, the transparent vacuum bag is more affordable than the aluminum foil vacuum bag. Composite vacuum bags are more expensive than ordinary vacuum bags, so it still depends on the material selected.Secondly, from the appearance point of view, the pattern of rice packaging bag design must have a certain degree of attractiveness. I believe that many consumers have such a feeling when shopping, that is, the pursuit of the product’s appearance. If the packaging and printing are more beautiful, then they will have more favorable impressions on this product. Therefore, many manufacturers will fully consider this point in the design of the pattern on the rice packaging bag. The overall tone of the packaging bag should be coordinated; at the same time, the rice-style transparent pattern design in the packaging bag allows consumers to know whether the quality of the rice product in the packaging bag is normal. Exquisite packaging bag design can increase consumers’ desire to buy and bring excellent sales.

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