Low-carbon economy (economic development model that reduces high-carbon energy consumption) – Purpose

January 19, 2022


Low-carbon economy (economic development model that reduces high-carbon energy consumption) – Purpose

Low-carbon economy (2)

Low-carbon economy Low-carbon economy is characterized by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building an economic development system based on low energy consumption and low pollution, including low-carbon energy systems, low-carbon technologies and low-carbon industrial systems. A low-carbon energy system refers to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by developing clean energy, including wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, and biomass to replace fossil energy such as coal and oil. Low carbon technologies include clean coal technology (IGCC) and carbon dioxide capture and storage technology (CCS), among others. The low-carbon industrial system includes thermal power emission reduction, new energy vehicles, energy-saving buildings, industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, circular economy, resource recovery, environmental protection equipment, energy-saving materials, etc.

The starting point of a low-carbon economy is to count carbon sources and carbon footprints. There are three important sources of carbon dioxide. Among them, the most important carbon source is thermal power emissions, accounting for 41% of the total carbon dioxide emissions; the fastest growing vehicle exhaust emissions, accounting for 25%, especially in my country’s automobile sales began to surpass In the case of the United States, the problem is getting worse; building emissions account for 27%, increasing steadily with the number of homes. Connotation of low-carbon economy: It is an economic model that realizes low-carbon development in a series of social activities from production, circulation to consumption and waste recycling. Specifically, low-carbon economy refers to the concept of sustainable development. , technological innovation, institutional innovation, industrial structure innovation, business innovation, new energy development and utilization and other means to improve the efficiency of energy production and use and increase the proportion of low-carbon or non-carbon fuel production and use, reduce as much as possible The consumption of high-carbon energy such as coal and oil, and at the same time actively explore the research and development and utilization of carbon sequestration technology, so as to achieve the goal of slowing the growth of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, and finally achieve a win-win situation of economic and social development and ecological environmental protection. An economic development model.

Low-carbon economy

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