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Low-carbon economy (economic development model to reduce high-carbon energy consumption) – development significance

Low-carbon economy (2)

The sustainable development of a low-carbon economy with ecological resources, on the one hand, is to actively undertake environmental protection responsibilities and meet the requirements of national energy conservation and consumption reduction targets; on the other hand, it is to adjust the economic structure, improve energy utilization efficiency, develop new industries, and build ecological civilization. This is a realistic way to abandon the previous development model of pollution first, then governance, low-end and then high-end, extensive and then intensive, and an inevitable choice to achieve a win-win situation for economic development and resource environmental protection. Low-carbon economy is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission, which is another major progress of human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. The essence of low-carbon economy is the efficient use of energy, the development of clean energy, and the pursuit of green GDP. The core is the innovation of energy technology and emission reduction technology, innovation of industrial structure and system, and the fundamental change of the concept of human survival and development. The background of the “low carbon economy” is the severe challenge of global warming to human survival and development. With the continuous growth of the global population and economic scale, the environmental problems and incentives caused by energy use are constantly being recognized, not only the hazards of smog, photochemical smog and acid rain, but also the global Climate change is also an indisputable fact.

Low-carbon economy

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