McDonald’s (McDonald’s) is a large multinational restaurant chain in the world. It was founded in Chicago, USA in 1955. It has approximately 30,000 branches in the world. It mainly sells hamburgers, as well as fast foods such as French fries, fried chicken, soft drinks, ice products, salads, and fruits.
The early translation of McDonald’s restaurant in Mainland China was “McDonald Fast Food”, but it was not until later that the current Hong Kong-style translation was uniformly adopted. In the folks, because of the close sounding of McDonald’s and “Peony House”, Peony House is also regarded as a nickname for McDonald’s, but it is not common.
McDonald’s has approximately 32,000 branches in 119 countries on six continents and represents an American lifestyle in many countries. As the first and largest multinational fast food chain company, McDonald’s has already been discussed by the public about food causing obesity, the fast food culture represented by the focus of corporate ethics and consumer responsibility, and has been accused of affecting public health, such as high calories leading to obesity and lack of adequate and balanced nutrition. Wait. Many people criticized it as junk food. France is proud of its own food culture. Many people are hostile to McDonald’s and regard it as a representative of the invasion of the American way of life. In the United States, there is a McDonald’s branch near every highway exit. In addition, it also provides wireless Internet service. The McDonald’s Happy Meal gives away free toys, such as Disney movie character dolls, which are quite attractive to children.

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