FILA is an Italian brand. It is a clothing brand founded in Italy by the FILA brothers in 1911. Its product design for golf, tennis, skiing, running, and other sports fields are very popular in the market. FILA trademark use rights include Italy FILA, South Korea FILA, and China FILA. China FILA is the general agent bought by Anta from belle. 

FILA’s foreign name is FIFA. It is a clothing brand founded by the FILA brothers in the Italian town of Bella in 1911. It has a history of nearly 100 years. FILA is relatively diversified in the market, mainly expanding its sportswear business, such as golf, tennis, skiing, etc. 

CPEPE ziplock bag

We worked with FILA since 2015, and normally produce CPE/PE ziplock bags, three-sided sealed bags, and self-adhesive bags to them for packing clothes.