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The aluminum-washing bag is also called a partially hollowed aluminum-coated bag, which is a partially transparent composite bag made of plastic film and a partially hollowed-out aluminum-coated film (or partly aluminum-coated layer to remove aluminum). Cleaning aluminum is to remove or wash off the film. Partial aluminum plating. At present, the aluminum washing bag is a packaging bag product with high printing requirements and beautiful design effect at home and abroad, and it is also a popular and advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging in the world. Next, yltpacking will explain the difference between washable aluminum bags and ordinary aluminum bags based on years of production experience in high-quality aluminum bags. There is a clear difference between the aluminum washing bag and the ordinary composite aluminized bag. The ordinary composite aluminized bag is the whole bag or the front (or back) of the whole bag composite aluminized film. The aluminum washing bag is different, as long as you want to pack it One part has aluminum gloss effect, which part is transparent visual effect, you can design and produce it, not limited to a certain position or a certain regular pattern. In terms of printing, the printing effect of aluminum-washed bags is better than that of ordinary composite aluminized bags, and in terms of decoration grade, it is more beautiful than ordinary composite aluminized bags. At present, there are many different methods and operating experiences in the aluminum cleaning process, but few enterprises can achieve large-scale and efficient production. Now, some users have evolved this process into a transfer printing process, such as the aluminum washing process, using the aluminum washing process in the cold tear transfer process to achieve a new anti-counterfeiting and packaging display effect. Generally speaking, aluminum washing bags have the characteristics of clear graphics, high precision, strong three-dimensional sense, seemingly layered, bright colors, smooth surface, and high wear resistance. From the perspective of commercial security, it is also a form of packaging with strong anti-counterfeiting properties, which helps to improve product grade and added value, and has strong market competitiveness. The above is the whole content of “Analysis of the difference between aluminum washing bags and ordinary aluminum bags in “packaging bags”./www.jhxbzd.com/). Shenzhen yltpacking Plastic Products Co., Ltd., as a flexible packaging production Professional packaging bag personalized custom digital plateless printing production company, with advanced HP Indigo20000 digital plateless printing equipment, can undertake packaging bag design in various industries and fields, and solve the problem of product marketing differentiation for your company!