“Packaging Bag Customization” Analysis of Personalized Mask Packaging Bag Customization Precautions

December 3, 2022

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The pursuit of new things, beauty and change is everyone’s common idea. In short, they are novel idea seekers. When you are used to modern personalized bags, you will be interested in traditional personalized bags. It can be seen that how to grasp the thinking of consumers has become one of the characteristics of modern product packaging and decoration planning. Modern product packaging planning is basically equivalent to discussing consumers and consumer psychology. Before planning, all blindness should be prevented, and the planning plan should proceed from reality. So, what should be paid attention to in the customization of personalized mask packaging bags? One: Color. The first thing consumers see is the overall image of a package. The most direct face is equal to color. Use color to attract customers to your product. Only after paying attention to your product can they buy it. Two: Decoration, add exquisite decorations on the packaging to attract consumers and make the product unique. Three: Text, the text on the mask packaging bag is also an important element, some text content can have a proportional psychological effect on consumers. Four: The mask packaging bag must be fresh, elegant, fashionable, and the main body. The style of the mask packaging bag should be unified and have a strong sense of design. Material of mask packaging bag: Aluminum foil material, please specify white or silver Five: Morphological composition, or this is the morphological element, it is a variety of constantly changing forms formed by positive methods. Forms consist of points, lines, areas and entities. The important state of packaging shape is: cylinder, cuboid, cone and various forms, as well as the combination of shapes and shapes, and the novelty of various forms of packaging formed by different cuts plays a very important role in the visual guidance of consumers important role. Unique visual forms can leave a deep impression on consumers. The customization of mask packaging bags must be familiar with the characteristics of the morphological elements themselves and their expressions, and use them as materials that reflect the beauty of the situation. Six: The appearance factor is the shape of the display surface of the product packaging, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are three types of forms that we see in our daily life, namely natural forms, man-made forms and accidental forms. But when we study the morphological composition of the product, we must find a form suitable for any nature, that is, to extract common legal things, which is called abstract form. The above is the whole content of “Analysis of Personalized Mask Packaging Bag Customization Precautions”.

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