“Packaging bag customization” how to customize packaging bags?

December 2, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

Packaging bags are a widely used product, and all commodities are inseparable from it. Especially now that more and more companies are looking for packaging upgrades. As a more personalized, more refined, more convenient, and more cost-effective packaging product, packaging bags have attracted more and more attention from many consumers. I want to customize the packaging bag, want to change the packaging bag, but I don’t know the bag type, name, process and details of the packaging bag, what should I do? Let me introduce the yltpacking packaging below. The first is the bag type of the packaging bag: the second is a major focus of packaging bag customization: companies that need to customize packaging bags will hand over the planning drawings to the packaging bag manufacturers, and they will make color printing and typesetting plans. However, there are also some enterprises that do not. In this case, the enterprise needs to store the documents in advance and provide them to the packaging bag manufacturer for planning. Mainly contains the necessary printed information: name, logo, trademark, main ingredients (recipe and food formula naming), product registration barcode, net content, manufacturer information (including full name, license number and manufacturer address), QS logo or Certificate number (CS mark), product standard number, storage method and application method. If there are allergens or unfavorable application conditions, attention should be paid to the specification and size of the packaging bag, the bag type and raw material used, the marking direction of the packaging film of the packaging bag, the common theme color, the corporate culture overview, the common background image and the theme to be reflected . Information must be checked carefully for typographical errors. Then the packaging bag manufacturer will make a plan and submit the plan drawing to the customer for confirmation. Customers need to double check the above information carefully. Packaging bag customization generally requires proofing first: I think everyone knows that packaging bag customization is a batch operation, which is very different from individual product customization, so customers need to choose a packaging bag production factory and then make samples. Customization is usually not formed at one time, it needs to be modified several times. After the customized sample of the packaging bag is confirmed, it will be mass produced. The above is about “customized packaging bags” want to customize packaging bags but can’t start? Come, come, look here! “‘s entire content.

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