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In today’s society, in the field of product outer packaging design, more and more design companies have joined the industry. However, no matter how fierce the competition in this industry is, a certain design process must be followed. This is the most critical step to ensure the effect of the product’s outer packaging bag. Today, yltpacking will learn the process of correct product outer packaging bag design together with “bag”. 1. The product outer packaging bag design company should have detailed communication with the customer at the initial stage. Before the formal product outer packaging bag design, we must first have a detailed understanding of the customer’s product and the basic situation of the company, which is It is required that our designated product packaging bag designer communicate with the relevant person in charge of the enterprise in detail. The content of communication: such as the basic performance of the product and the market positioning of the product, etc. This is directly related to the color of the product outer packaging bag design and the use of packaging materials. If you design directly without any knowledge about the company and the product, then the packaging design will be completely out of the customer’s actual situation, even if the exterior design is more beautiful than the internal product, it will be futile! 2. Test the designed product and improve the excellent product. After the design of the outer packaging bag for the customer is completed, the company will not directly push the product to the market on a large scale, but will launch the test in a small area first, and then according to the customer Feedback to improve the product outer packaging bag. Only after meeting the needs of customers can it be mass-produced and introduced to the market. The tested and improved product outer packaging bag will be more suitable for market demand, so that the product outer packaging bag design can truly achieve the purpose of promotion. The above is all about the “analysis of the correct product packaging bag design process”.