“Packaging Bag Design” Analysis on the Packaging Design of Nuts Brand

December 31, 2022

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Along with the increase in consumption, the sales of nut food are also increasing, thereby accelerating the expansion of the snack food market. Representative brands in the market mainly include Three Squirrels, Baicaowei, BESTORE and so on. Since the establishment of the food e-commerce company, the sales scale has grown exponentially. With the start of e-commerce, such as “Double Eleven” and “618” and other large festivals, the sales volume is increasing. It can be seen that there are a large number of leisure food consumer groups. In addition to online sales, some snack foods are also provided for offline stores. These companies have strong control capabilities in addition to offline warehousing. It will be much easier to transition. And what aspects of nut packaging design are considered? After investigating a large number of nut brand packaging, we analyzed effective packaging design from three aspects? 1. Cartoon image Judging from the design of the big brand nut packaging, there are three squirrels based on cartoon characters. As far as word strategy goes, a strong word (the three squirrels) is strong enough because the name is figurative. It can be described, and the image is closely related to the brand name, and it is also more effective in visual communication. Three Squirrels consists mainly of three squirrels. Through the continuous expansion of post-action costumes and themes, the three squirrels have become colorful. The three squirrels are the strategic symbol of the enterprise, and the packaging design is everywhere. The whole process runs through the three squirrels brand, bringing strong brand influence to the three squirrels. According to the word “strategy” established by the prophet, the insight into the thing itself, the packaging itself is a self-media, out of the box, let the packaging itself generate publicity, this is the power of the word “strategy”. Every brand should have its own business strategy plan. 2. Array packaging design From the perspective of Baicaowei’s nut packaging, most of the packaging is neat and orderly, so as to obtain a whole, system, soft colors, distinguish different products, and bring some fun. This kind of packaging is slightly rigorous, and the product itself is enlarged, so that the type of product can be seen from a distance, and the level is clearly defined in the design. It is unique among nut brands and stands out from other brand styles to create a distinctive style. 3. Illustration The packaging of illustration types is endless and involves all walks of life. This kind of packaging picture brings a feeling of kindness and nostalgia. For example, most of the packaging designs of BESTORE are mainly illustrations. Some time ago, the packaging design was just full of fashion, but it is still based on illustrations and has trendy colors. Keep up with fashion trends and target young consumers. Essentially, packaging design is rooted primarily in the product itself so that consumers can buy behavior is what companies should do. The product is 1, multiply by 1, the number 0 followed by growth, if the product is 0, followed by another 1 is useless. How do you find differentiation among the many nut brands? The word strategy means that you should be good at spotting weaknesses from your competitors’ strengths. Today, nuts are no longer just used for casual snacks, but are also used to position the health and efficacy of products, as well as gifts in the high-end field. A single product can no longer bring advantages to the brand, but create products in all aspects to meet various needs, thereby expanding brand awareness. The above is the whole content of “Packaging Design of Nuts Brand Analysis”.

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