“Packaging Bag Design” How should the colors be matched when designing the packaging bag?

December 30, 2022

Feynman yltpacking.com

When we want to sell our products, we must do a good job in packaging design. For consumers, the function of the packaging bag is to simply protect the product inside, and it is a thing that is thrown away after disassembly. But if you think about it carefully, you will find that in fact, any brand that wants to sell must consider whether consumers like it, and now there are many brands of the same type. When consumers buy products, they will definitely take a look at our products. Whether the packaging makes you like it, and then you will consider buying it. One: Take the main color of the brand as the basic color. Let me give you an example here, and everyone will understand what the main color of the packaging design brand is. When we go to buy herbal tea and see the red jar, we will think of Wanglaoji. See the golden jar, it is Jiaduobao. why? Because when designing the packaging, what is the main color of the brand will be considered first, so it is usually based on a basic color, and when it is integrated into the packaging, it will naturally make consumers have a good impression of the sound of the brand’s products. deeper understanding. Two: The use of contrasting colors and transitional colors Indeed, when designing packaging, the visual impact of color contrast is still greater, and the first thing consumers see is our products. However, such colors are not suitable for all brands. We should still consider the actual situation of our products. And it also has a certain transition color. In fact, soft colors may not attract consumers. As long as the design is proper, the color matching will be more perfect. Three: Adjustment between text, elements, patterns, and colors Perhaps many people think that packaging design should make more adjustments in text, elements, patterns, etc. In fact, the color should also be adjusted. In addition, artistic packaging cannot be a design in which all items are in contrasting colors. But one thing is for sure, well-coordinated packaging is more popular. Therefore, after the first draft design is completed, there is no need to pay special attention to the corresponding color adjustments. People have to look comfortable to be motivated to buy. I believe that as long as the packaging bag design is recognized, it will naturally make our products sell more and have more influence.

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